The mortgage guarantee is the most common form of insurance for lending institutions.

During the Basel Committee, an assembly of the largest central banks, the prudential authorities decided to introduce a set of regulations to stabilize the banking system. The Basel III agreements set up standards on liquidity risks.           

Which is why, in the case of a bank loan, financial institutions ask their clients for a guarantee of the value of the mortgaged property.

  • Taking an initial mortgage guarantee
  • Bank refinancing

We guarantee our clients an impartial description of the property, an in-depth and finely targeted study of the real estate market, in order to arrive at a guaranteed valuation. We dispose of all the necessary certifications and substantial RCP cover (“Responsabilité Civile Professionnelle” or professional liability). We are capable of taking the property’s current condition into account, but also its future condition.

Valuation techniques
  • Direct comparison method
  • Income capitalization method, real or theoretical
  • Developer’s balance sheet