You are the owner-landlord or tenant of commercial premises. We offer perfect mastery of the financial assessment of a commercial lease..

Our main assignments involve

Negotiation of the initial lease:
  • assessment of the location and the site’s commercial interest, the quality of the premises, in-depth market study,
  • evaluation of market rental value
  • calculation of the rent
  • fixing of the “entrance fee” or “key money”.
Sale of commercial premises:
  • value of continued use, under current occupancy conditions,
  • free market value.
Transfer of leasehold rights:
  • evaluation of leasehold rights
Evolution of the rent over the duration of the commercial lease:

An amicable appraisal enables you to assess the financial aspect of the file, attempt amicable negotiation, strengthen your file in the event of legal proceedings.

  • Notice with offer to renew the lease:
  • analysis of reasons for removing rent ceilings,
  • evaluation of the statutory rental value.
End of the commercial lease:
  • Refusal of notice and indemnities:
  • pre-calculation of all the components of an eviction indemnity and study of various hypotheses that could be retained by the court,
  • evaluation of statutory occupancy indemnity,
  • evaluation of occupancy indemnity under common law.       

We guarantee follow-up on our work as long as the file exists.