and ethics

Our experts are members of several widely recognized professional organizations.

On-going training for CAPAN & BORDES experts is pursued with professional organizations of which they are members.

Our work is carried out following, and in compliance with, recommendations in the “Charte de l’Expertise en Evaluation Immobilière”, the “European Valuation Standards” published by TEGoVA (The European Group of Valuers’ Association), the Red Book of the RICS, including IVS standards, but also rules of civil procedures.

« Charte de l’Expertise en Evaluation Immobilière »

A reference work which lays down shared methodological and ethical principles, the results of collective work undertaken by structures which are members of the chart application committee, comprised of virtually all organizations representing property valuation experts. The 5th edition is marked by a unique weighting grid for commercial premises. The charter continues to pursue a permanent harmonization approach with TEGoVA, RICS and IVSC standards by taking up and explaining fundamental definitions at European and international level, while underscoring certain features specific to France.

TEGOVA Blue Book

The European Group of Valuers’ Association, TEgoVA, brings together the main professional associations of countries belonging to the European Union, active members, joined by numerous European associations acting as associate members or observers. Its main aim has been to approve and publish commonly accepted rules regarding evaluation and appraisal, so that they can be applied by all members of the European Union. Having become a reference for conformity for property evaluations, the subject of reports for the clientele, they form the foundations for competence.

RICS Red book

This edition of “RICS Appraisal and Valuation Standards” contains certain mandatory rules, sound practices and commentaries on practices pursued by RICS members in the field of valuation. Published in 1980, the guide has been updated on numerous occasions with changes approved by the appraisal faculty council.

The 2017 edition adopts International Valuation Standards (IVS) and is also much more highly developed than previous editions. Its content is split into two parts. The first contains rules and recommendations applying to all chartered surveyors throughout the world, consistent with expertise principles of international valuation standards. The second contains recommendations applicable in certain countries.

Code of Civil Proceedings

Conduct of court appraisal proceedings in civil matters, dedicated to registration procedures carried out by a technician.