Our guarantees

While our skills and experience are our best guarantees

We offer you many more.

  • Perfect adaptation to issues raised in the file
  • High-quality appraisal reports, detailed and well-reasoned
  • Follow-up of our work for as long as the file exists
  • Total impartiality and objectivity
  • Full independence from all commercial activities
  • Irreproachable ethics
  • Perfect mastery of all evaluation methods
  • Compliance with all national and internationall standards for experts in real estate evaluation
  • Compliance with legal practices and those approved by the tax authorities
  • Maximum professional liability cover
  • On-going training for experts and staff
  • A very substantial database comprised of references for sales and
    commercial rents, constantly updated
  • A permanent quest to remain knowledgeable about the market
  • A very high level of legal and economic documentation