Family rights

Many different stages in life lead private individuals to request real estate appraisals at current market value..

In the case of transferral or sharing of assets, a real estate assessment by an independent expert enables them to obtain clear, objective information, a convincing demonstration of an asset’s worth, to avoid any disputes and find an amicable agreement.

  • Sale or repurchase of a real estate asset or business
  • Shares of inheritance
  • Contributions of real estate assets to an SCI (“Société Civile Immobilière” or French property company)
  • Liquidation of joint assets
  • Expropriation

We guarantee our clients an impartial description of the property, an in-depth and finely targeted study of the real estate market, in order to arrive at a guaranteed valuation. We dispose of all the necessary certifications and substantial RCP cover (“Responsabilité Civile Professionnelle” or professional liability). We are capable of taking the property’s current condition into account, but also its future condition.

Valuation techniques
  • Direct comparison method
  • Income capitalization method, real or theoretical
  • Land and construction

Valuation as a whole or in parts