Corporate life

How our expertise helps you to make the right choices…

Because there are many situations in a company’s life in which you, as company director or real estate manager, have to take important decisions relating to the management of its real estate assets.

Consulting an independent expert offering integrity and impartiality, perfectly familiar with the local property market and the area’s economic appeal, enables you to obtain clear, objective information.

Our main assignments involve

  • evaluation of real estate assets within the context of mergers, contributions, transfers, acquisitions, accounting provisions,
  • evaluation of real estate assets provided as guarantees in the context of a bank loan,
  • reinstatement of the market value of real estate assets into the balance sheet,
  • breakdown of the value of the land and that of the building,
  • precisely targeted market survey,
  • evolution of the rent throughout the duration of the commercial lease,
  • expiry of the commercial lease,
  • evaluation of the business.
Valuation techniques
  • Direct or indirect comparison method
  • Capitalization of real or theoretical rent
  • Discounted cash-flow
  • Profitability: turnover, gross operating surplus, gross operating result (hotels)