Real estate

We consider ways of optimizing your assets as part of real estate strategies..

We place our in-depth knowledge of the market and its evolution at the service of private individuals, companies, major brands and public authorities.

Optimization of real estate assets:
  • provisional assessment of a land acquisition or land development operation,
  • enhancement of assets offering potential,
  • consideration and assessment of alternative uses,
  • consideration of a site’s redevelopment.
Tax optimization:
  • evaluation of an economic usufruct,
  • valuation of a financial asset subject to a right of use or economic usufruct,
  • rental value of luxury real estate assets.
Lease management:
  • analysis of current occupancy conditions and prospects for evolution,
  • compensation at the end of the lease,
  • market rental value and return on investment following eviction
  • specific evaluation of real temporary rights on properties (construction leases, emphyteutic leases),
  • early termination of a lease.