Assets valuated

Residential real estate

This type of asset is particularly delicate to assess on the Côte d’Azur market, which is characterized by very wide price disparities.

Our experts are capable of evaluating all categories of residential properties: from traditional apartments to old, rural properties in the back-country, and including the finest luxury properties on the shore.

Our perfect familiarity with specific aspects of the local property market enables us to identify value-related factors with real precision, and position the property within its market depending on its location, intrinsic qualities and potential.

We can take future condition, or supposed condition at an earlier date, into account.

Houses and villas
Exceptional properties
Entire buildings

Commercial real estate

The stock of commercial real estate on the Côte d’Azur is mainly located in town centres and peripheral areas.
For this category of properties, we mainly assist owners-landlords, as well as companies and leading brands.

Shop premises in the town centre
Medium and large stores in the town centre or on the periphery
Hotel premises
Commercial units
Drive-in stores

Land and building plots

Land reseves on the Côte d’Azur are very limited, and we mainly intervene in the context of land retrieval projects.

Building plots ( bare or encumbered)
Urban land charges
Urban brownfields

Corporate real estate

Hotel premises
Business premises
Office premises

Incorporeal rights

Tenancy law
Business assets